Why the shortage of computer chips is taking place

Computer chips are so important to run mechanical devices. The need and demand for computer chips are increasing due to COVID-19 PANDEMIC. Because people have to work from their home with their laptop or computer. So the demand for the computer is increasing. But the unavailability of computer chips causes a great impact on both customers and the business. Many reasons are responsible for this situation. Like as-

Cold Business war

The war is running between China and America affecting the market. Because the labor cost is so low in china. And china people are technologically advanced. That’s why renowned companies are setting up their business in China. Due to the war companies are going back to another country. For setting up there it takes some time that’s why the price is increasing and the availability is decreasing.

Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic hits the economy of the whole world. The world is facing a serious problem. Because the people engaged in this industry can not work for their company because their Company is not running in this situation. If the worker doesn’t work how the chips are made. That’s for the shortage is faced by the people of this world. The demand for chips is rising because people have to work for the company from the home but if they don’t have a laptop to work how will they work? Manufacturers can’t increase their demand because of this pandemic.

Economic Instability

The world-facing great economic instability for many reasons. Instability takes place in the business in the daily life of people all over the world. Many things depend on the economic condition of the people. If it is so good then people lead a happy life if not they don’t. Then they can’t purchase goods though it is their basic demand.


Transportation is another cause for the reducing number of computer chips. Most of the county. Most of the companies get their product by shipment by the aires or ships. But after the coronavirus outbreak, this shipment system was locked for many days. It could be the most important cause of the shortage of computer chips. These are the reasons why the world is facing a problem with computer chips.


These are the reasons why the world is facing a problem with computer chips.This problem doesn’t stay for a long time.After the end of the pandemic, everything will be fine then.

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