Covid 19 a Biological Weapons

Covid 19 stands for coronavirus diseases which took place in China. But the virus spread all over the world. World Health Organization (WHO) named it a pandemic. The situation is becoming worsens day by day.

The birthplace of norovirus is Wuhan in China. The doctors and the scientist of China claimed that the origin of the virus is the bat. They also claimed that it was spread from a shop where they sold the bat and other sea fish. People here and there did not think of the worst scenarios of this virus. But china first ensures the first death and some symptoms of this disease. But the other countries claimed against them that they hide the news from the world as their economy may affect by this news. For that, they hide everything about this.

Some scientists and the well-known person claimed that the virus is man-made. And China intentionally does it. They want to do hamper the other people of the world that’s for they intentionally hide the news about the pandemic. They hide the symptoms all over the world.

China people spread the virus all over the world. Now it is 21 century, at this days there is no need to have war materials like gun, bombs, tank etc. Now the time to show the power by technical sufficiency and by digital weapons. In that sense, most people think coronavirus is a digital biological weapon.

In this situation the economy all over the world is not good, people can’t do businesses regularly because of the pandemic. Maximum developed countries are looked down. The worker is in a look down mood.

China did it by a good plan. Their economy is not good they are in good condition. They operating their business frequently. In a pandemic situation, they export mask and other equipment all over the world.

On top of that this pandemic helps a lot in the world environment. Because in looked down people can’t use their cars, the industry is stopped for many days, for that the level of carbon dioxide is decreasing all over the world. The ecological balance returned. In one word the world is free from pollution for many days.


By spreading the virus, they are doing business enormously. The coronavirus stopped the world’s growth. But the good news is many countries inventing vaccines for this virus. Hope so the situation will be good within a short time.

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